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Labour Market Information and the Careerometer

What is Labour Market Information (LMI)?

Labour Market Information (LMI) is anything that describes the world of work, including:

  • Descriptions of careers and jobs
  • The promotional prospects in different careers
  • The salary you can be paid
  • The skills and qualifications you need for a particular job
  • Where to find job vacancies

More about these types of LMI can be found on the other careers pages on the school website. LMI also includes information and statistics about the national, regional and local labour markets, as well as the future of the labour market, which is particularly important for school pupils to get a picture of what the labour market in their chosen industry might look like when they leave school and start to look for work.

We encourage students to engage with all kinds LMI on a regular basis so they can make informed careers choices and decisions, which give the best possibility to reach their potential and have a successful and happy future.

The Careerometer

The Careerometer is a widget provided by the company LMI for all which compares labour market information including average salary, hours worked, changes and growth in the industry and workforce and projections for the future for different careers, or a career of interest with the UK average.

It is an excellent starting point for Labour Market Information research!