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School Library

Students can now have access to the library via their own personal school library account. They are able to renew, reserve and review books/items too.

Log on to the Oliver Blue School Library system by using your Gmail account details.

 There is also a new FREE APP called Library Link that is available from the Apple App store and Google Play store. 

Once downloaded log into your account via a browser and within 'My Details' click on the 'Library Link setup'.  Scan the displayed QR code using the App via the Setup button and using 'SCAN SETUP CODE' at the top.  This will enter all the details required automatically - see the Oliver App Instructions for more information.

Library Link allows borrowers to: 

  • Search for resources and view information about them, such as availability
  • Scan ISBNs or barcodes to automatically retrieve resources from the system
  • View the library's latest resources
  • View their current loads and renew them as permitted
  • Check their alert messages for overdues and reservations
  • Browse the library's reading lists