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Musical Instrument Tuition

The Blue School offers a range of instrumental lessons for students who wish to further their instrumental skills.

Many students take additional music lessons as part of their school day.  At the Blue School we have a range of experienced professionals who deliver these weekly lessons on a variety of instruments.  Tuition is organised on a weekly rotation, so the same subject does not routinely get missed.  Students can take advantage of the following lesson types:

- 30 minutes individual lesson - £17.30
- 20 minutes individual lesson - £11.60
- 30 minutes paired lesson - £8.70 (each)

Lessons are currently available for the following instruments (subject to demand):

- Piano
- Drums
- Guitar & Bass Guitar
- Voice
- Flute
- Clarinet & Saxophone
- Violin & Viola

The peripatetic teachers are freelance and invoice parents directly.  Mr Humphrey, Team Leader of Music, will oversee lessons, monitor attendance and is able to liaise on any matters non-financial.  We would actively encourage any Year 7s to continue any tuition they have had in Primary school.  We would also encourage all musicians to take advantage of the many enrichment ensembles.

Musical instrument & Voice Lessons application form