Work Experience (including Virtual)

Year 10 Work Experience

Work experience is an invaluable part of workplace learning as students spend their time gaining insights into the world of work.  In Year 10, students take part in a work experience programme in the summer term.  The aims of work experience are:

  • To help personal and social development
  • The development of key skills in a work environment
  • To improve employability

Over the week students learn about the world of work and employers' expectations.  They meet new people and find out what it means to work in a team.  They learn to use their initiative and take responsibility for their own actions.  A diary is kept by the student during the week as a tool for reflection and evaluation, which they may find useful as evidence of skills and experiences in future job/college/university interviews.  Information about work experience is given in tutor time and assemblies.  Students are given written instructions and work on preparation booklets that contain ideas for letters of application and CV templates from November onwards.  Students may find employer feedback from their Year 9 interview day helpful when updating their CVs.

Students are asked to investigate potential placements for themselves.  It is important that these are of use to them and enjoyable.  Help is given to any student experiencing difficulty in setting up a placement but we expect the majority of students to do this for themselves as part of th experience.  Students should use the placement search website: to find positions they are interested in and then contact employers by email or phone to apply for positions.  Alternatively they can find their own placement and fill in a new placement request form from the careers office.

In addition to the dedicated work experience week all students have in Year 10, students are encouraged to undertake further, in person and virtual, career building activities in the school holidays, in the evening and at weekends.  See below for more information about virtual work experience, contact the Careers Office for information about arranging further in person work experience

Key Dates Work Experience 2021/22

Monday 7th February: Deadline for students wishing to go on placements in London.

Monday 14th February: All placements agreed and completed paperwork returned - deadline fixed to ensure time for compulsory health and safety checks on placements.

Monday- Friday 11th - 15th July: Year 10 student on Work Experience.

Useful Links

Virtual Work Experience

Owing to the events of the past 2 years, huge strides have been made in the provision of virtual work experience and these now represent fantastic opportunities for students at all levels to learn more about the types of careers they do (and do not) want to pursue when they leave The Blue School.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact the careers office for help finding online placements in a specific industry:

Click here for more details about virtual work experience in different industries.