How do I get food and drink?

Order to Pick-up 

As part of our response to the pandemic we have had to change the way we serve food and drink to you in school.  We have introduced a pre-order and pick-up service.  Regardless of Covid-19, we think this is a better way to serve food and drink to you avoiding the long queues.

We want you to find it easy.  We know there have been a few glitches, but the system is more stable now.  Just pick up your pre-ordered bag of snacks at break or meal at lunch-time from the designated servery for your Year Group's Zone.

You can order your food via your epraise account.   The order is open from 3.30pm the day before until 9.00am on the day you want it.  We have to close the daily order at 9.00am so that the school's kitchen can prepare, cook and pack it for you in time. 

To guide you through what you need to do to order please view the video presentation

Your parent/carer will need to have set up a SCOPAY account for you to pay for what you have ordered via epraise.  Please make sure you have agreed with your parents/carers how much you can spend every day.  If you order, you will still need to pay for your food or drink even if you do not collect your bag.